Our Coffee

The Regions

Our coffee is a proprietary blend of single origin coffees from Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala. Through sourcing, importing and cupping, our coffee blends complement perfectly in boldness, sweetness, and acidity. Available in a Medium and Dark Roast, simply choose your preference of ground or whole bean; you’ll be experiencing  the ultimate in fresh coffee.  

Our Guatemalan coffee comes from Lake Atitlan in the Huehuetenango region. Grown in high altitudes and surrounded by volcanos, this coffee is produced to perfection containing citric acidity with floral and apricot undertones.

From the vast mountains in the Huila region, our Colombia coffee provides complexity in your cup. How can this coffee be so smooth yet so exotic!? Grown at an elevation of 5,300 meters, it is shade grown in volcanic soil, contributing to its unique character.

Our Brazil coffee from the Minas Gerais region is the backbone to our blend. This coffee incorporates the differences from the other two countries and adds sweet and fruitiness that will enliven you each morning.

Awards & Certifications

GLR is a member of Fair Trade Alliance- all coffee that you consume has been carefully produced to Fair Trade Standards. These are the highest quality practices of producing, importing and sustainability globally.

In addition, GLR belongs to the Specialty Coffee Alliance of America.  Through this alliance, we are constantly building value, gaining knowledge and engaged with a focused, world class and expanding network. Through education in quality and sustainability, Green Label stands as a world expert.

GLR also belongs to Alliance of Coffee Excellence, home of the Cup of Excellence. As one of select jurors for the annual Cup of Excellence prize, GLR participates in one of the most prestigious coffee competitions in the world.  Here, the world’s best growers are selected to be made available to buyers around the world.

Finally, GLR is a certified Rainforest Alliance member. The Rainforest Alliance seeks to conserve soil quality, maintain proper tree cover, reduce all chemical use, protect precious wildlife, and ensure the well-being for producers and workers alike.