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Our Story

Coffee is our life. Because coffee is at the center of so many we touch and care about. From growing the beans, to harvesting, to shipping, to roasting, to grinding, to finally savoring that perfect cup.  It starts where the coffee is grown in the jungles of South America. These are small farmers, who shepherd the spirit of the earth into these extraordinary plants. We know them, their families, their communities and their land.

Our home city of Jacksonville, Florida is one of the busiest coffee ports in the country; it makes sense that we’re located here – it’s one stop from port to port.  Our roasters are Cup of Excellence Certified, and have been at it for more than 50 years.

It’s no accident why GLR members become GLR members: awesome coffee, thriving community.

The Mission

We provide the freshest  roast coffee and reliably deliver it, device to door. We import from small farmers throughout Latin America,  roasting to perfection. Every package is date-stamped to guarantee freshness and ship direct to you. It’s seamless, allowing us to deliver the most authentic experience from the most adventurous coffee growing regions in the world.

The Logo

Our logo is the coffee harvest wheel. This is an annual calendar which shows in a single image the time and place where coffee is harvested around the world.